Jewelers In Tarpon Springs

Anniversary Custom Ring With Oval DiamondsIf you live in Tarpon Springs, Florida, come and see why Eric Henneman stands out as one of the finest local jewelers in and around Tarpon Springs.

Eric found his vocation at an early age and has been pursuing it ever since. It is not often that someone falls in love with a craft in his childhood and takes that childhood love and builds it into a career. But that is just what he as done.

Beautiful jewelry design comes naturally.

Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Jewelry PendantFor people looking for a unique jewelry design, it is a great opportunity to work with a local master jeweler. Impress the love of your life with a custom jewelry design. Take a look at our jewelry categories and blog to get an idea of what is possible.

Comprehensive Jewelry Services

At our jewelry studio we offer a broad range of services. These services take care of most of your jewelry needs. We welcome you to come visit our studio no matter how modest the request. Do you need an inspection and cleaning? We’d love to help you out. Repair and ring sizing are services that we can make quickly and cost-effectively.

Jewelry design is our specialty. Jewelry design is all about using your imagination to create a unique piece of jewelry. Over the years we have worked with clients in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Oldsmar, Tarpon Springs, and all over the state to create unique jewelry designs. Come and see us for your unique jewelry design.

Gold Buying Service

In addition to our jewelry services, we buy gold, silver, platinum and precious stones. We offer the best prices and guarantee you a fair deal. We have an excellent reputation with our clients and you can take a look at our reviews on our Google+ page.

 Our Jewelry Studio Near Tarpon Springs

If you live in Tarpon Springs, Fl. you are just a stone’s throw away from Henneman Jewelry Studio. If you drive Hwy 19 on a regular basis you will see our sign hanging on the right side of the road just before turning onto Curlew Rd.

 Tarpon Springs Is Great

Tarpon Springs is a colorful city with a rich history. It is a destination for tourists and a great place to live. It is fantastic place to go and kick around and have lunch and enjoy the atmosphere of true fishing town.

The first thing you think about when you hear the name Tarpon Springs is the Sponge Docks and the Greek community. Greeks began to move into the community in the 1880′s when they were hired as divers for the growing sponge industry. Now, Tarpon Springs has the largest percentage of Greek residents of any city in the US. The total population of Tarpon Springs is around 21,000 at the 2000 census. There are large populations of Greeks in some of the other metropolitan areas of the USA, such as New York and Chicago, to name just two.

Sponge harvesting was once a thriving industry in Tarpon Springs, generating millions of dollars annually until 1947 when a red tide algae bloom killed the sponge fields. The sponge harvesting industry was all but ruined. After the devastating red tide algae bloom, most of the fishing industry converted to shrimping, and the sponge warehouses converted to tourist shops. Tarpon Springs changed into the charming tourist town that we know and love today.

Today, Tarpon Springs remains a thriving tourist town and still has a small commercial fishing fleet. However, most of the marine activity  involves pleasure boats and charter fishing trips. Onshore, excellent Greek restaurants and exotic shops dot the Sponge Dock District. Tarpon Springs retains the character of its roots in the Greek community. Its character has not been papered over with high-rise hotels and chain restaurants. It still retains its great local identity.

Tarpon Springs has a rich tradition and history and if you spend some time there you will get to know the many unique elements that make it special.

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