Clearwater Jewelers And Gold Buyers

Henneman Jewelry Studio is owned by Eric Henneman. When you come into the studio you will be greeted by Eric and his partner Manuel Kamkutis. Below you can read a little about them in their own words here for Eric and here for Manny.

From Eric Henneman

Eric At Henneman Jewelry SudioHello, my name is Eric Henneman. I am a Master Jeweler with over 30 years of experience in the jewelry business.

I have been in the Jewelry business since 1978, but my interest in jewelry started at a much earlier age. When I was 8 years old I received a rock tumbler from Sears and my life was forever changed. The tumbler was a device that allowed me at that early age to polish stones. A year later I received the Rock Rascal for my birthday and through the use of that tool was able to polish stones into predetermined shapes. Then, the same year at Christmas, I received a wax casting machine and was able to create jewelry at home. A jeweler was born!Creating Jewelry At An Early Age

Making jewelry has been the cornerstone of my life. From my early years of polishing stones to making  jewelry today: jewelry has always been my life. I am fortunate to have been able to take my childhood fascination with polishing stones to a career as a jeweler. Creating jewelry gives me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction every day.

After completing high school, I became an apprentice jeweler at a local jewelry shop in Clearwater where I began to hone my craft. I attended courses in diamond setting and and a variety of jewelry related skills during that period of my career. A few years later I began working as a Master Jeweler at a jewelry store at the local mall. After 6 years at the mall, I moved to another location and continued my career as a Master Jeweler in Clearwater, Florida. Today, I work out of my new studio in Clearwater.


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From Manuel Kamkutis

Manny buys and sells gold and creates custom jewelryMy name is Manuel Kamkutis.  I have lived in Florida for over thirty years.  I owned an electronics company in the Tampa Bay area for fifteen years.  Through my business I met Eric Henneman who is a jeweler in the Clearwater area.  We became friends and upon multiple conversations about the jewelry industry I found the industry to be fascinating.   As my business started to change I was looking for another avenue to generate income and I started buying and selling gold, silver and other precious metals part time.  Now I am buying and selling gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and colored gems full time.  I am learning to design fine pieces of jewelry using the industry standard software Matrix.  By learning this software I can design jewelry for my family, friends and clients at a reasonable price even though gold has risen over $1600.00 an ounce.  I am able to use their metal and gems which in turn saves them thousands of dollars.  If you are thinking ‘how do I sell my gold‘, please come see me.